Wands of Horus


Magnet therapy is one of the oldest and most effective methods of stimulating the immune system and correcting disorders associated with deterioration of blood circulation and stagnation in the organism.

Apart from medicine, magnetic treatment is increasingly used in agriculture and communal services. Water magnetization not only enhances the germination rate and plant's natural resilience, but also improves water flow with simultaneous activation of the ability of water to self-purification.

Within the "Wands of Horus" project magnetic extensions are used as an effective means for:

1 - stimulation of the immune system,
2 - inhibition of tumor formation,
3 - activation of blood circulation and removal of deposits in osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis, polyarthritis and osteoporosis.

Due to their high level of magnetic induction, in certain cases the magnetic extensions should be used according to a scheme determined by the purpose of their application.

For stimulation of the immune system the magnetic extensions are placed on both ends of the zinc wand.

The human organism is designed in such a way, that any strong influence of medication or energetic exceeding the organism's norm causes a protective reaction of the immune system. When using medications, especially potent ones, a "dependency" sets in, which, in reality, is not a "dependency" but a manifestation of a different kind of mechanism.

By regulating the most complex metabolic processes and warding off negative aspects of potent agents, the immune system gradually creates certain internal conditions in which the effect of the drug or high-level magnetism is weakened (blocked), becoming ineffective. Therefore, the positive effect of any strong influence will be temporary and superficial.

For an immune stimulating effect without causing a defensive reaction of the immune system, the magnetic extensions should be applied according to a specific scheme.

In general, the magnetic extensions should be placed on the "Wands of Horus"
for 2-4 hours daily during the time of the highest energy activity of the organism within the diurnal cycle.

For a targeted effect on specific organ diseases, the time of activity and passivity of the respective energy channels (meridians) should be taken into account.

The effect of the magnetic field on the biological water molecules in the organism results in a synchronized polarization of the magnetic vectors of the water molecules contained in the blood improving the rheology (fluidity) of the blood.
At the same time, cancer cells are effectively suppressed.

Within a 7-day cycle "Wands of Horus" with magnetic extensions should be used in a Golden Section mode — 4:3, i.e. 4 days with magnetic extensions, 3 days without.

Alternatively, they can be used in the rhythm of 12-day cycles (BA-KA): 12 days with magnetic extensions (active phase) followed by 12 days without (passive phase).

Exceptions are malignant tumors, destabilization of which requires regular work with magnetic extensions over a longer period of time (3х12=36 or 4х12=48) but should not exceed two consecutive months (5х12=60 days).

The effectiveness of the magnetic extensions is directly dependent on the state of the immune system, which is why in the case of its exhaustion, the effectiveness of the magnetic extensions may sometimes be low. To increase the effectiveness, the magnetic extensions can be used between 11 am and 1 pm on days of the rising moon as well as days of the full moon.
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